Sap flow probes installed in a grape vine stem
SWEEP Grants are avaliable in the state of California

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State Water Efficiency & Enhancement Program History

In 2014, under an emergency drought declaration, Governor Brown authorized a new program called the State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP). Funding for the program has come from the state’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, raised from cap-and-trade allowance revenue, as well as Propositions 1 and 68.

Eligible projects currently include:

Weather, soil or plant based sensors for irrigation scheduling
Micro-irrigation or drip systems
Conversion of a fossil fuel pumps to solar, wind, electric, or natural gas
Improved energy efficiency (e.g., retrofitting or replacing pumps)
Low pressure irrigation systems
Variable frequency drives to reduce energy use and match pump flow to load requirements.
Reduced pumping (e.g., improved irrigation scheduling)
Other management practices that save water and reduce GHG emissions (e.g., soil management practices such as cover cropping and compost addition that increase water-holding capacity)

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