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Telofarm Monitoring Software

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Telofarm’s powerful data network measures dynamic system data from soil, plant life, and the environment in real-time, storing it securely on global and local servers. In this way we collect vast amounts of data on how plants on farms, greenhouses, and plant factories around the world are growing.

This data is used to build unique insights which are implemented in our software. Data is optimised for bespoke applications using algorithms such as dynamic modelling, estimation and filtering, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. Through this process of big data analysis it is possible to achieve key objectives in water saving, sustainable management values as well as greater agricultural efficiency, productivity and quality.

The Telofarmer app displaying the notification feed
Icons representing the whole farm system are shown above a field

Farm in Your Pocket

Applications provided to agricultural site managers and consumers are built on our data network and signal processing technology and can be customized to meet the requirements of the site, with a wide range of data and control functions available.

For example, Telofarm’s greenhouse control software provides powerful features such as real-time response data, stress indices, key variables, irrigation, and automatic environmental control. We also provide agricultural management of open-air crops with various functions and services tailored to the purpose and method.

The Telofarmer app displaying thew data input screen

1. Input Event Data

Grow your database by recording management practices in the app.
The Telofarmer app displaying the historical archive

2. Browse your Archive

View all historical data on your farm including key events and monthly summaries.
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3. Join the Hub

Connect with other farmers and managers to compare notes and share knowledge.

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