A smart farm greenhouse full of newly plants tomatoes
Distributed Agriculture

Smart Farm Networks

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Telofarm's ambition is to realise a distributed, innovative and sustainable future for agriculture. The distributed agriculture model allows anyone to access all the equipment, hardware, software and training they need to set up their own farming facility or greenhouse.

Distributed - Maximising production value whilst minimising cost through a network of compact and widely disseminated food production facilities.

Innovative - Facilitating deep communication with plants through the use of emergent microsensor, data processing and interactive technology.

Sustainable - Reducing pollution, waste and energy use with self sufficient, small scale greenhouses operated using fine monitoring techniques.

The exterior of a smart farm greenhouse

Powered by data

Precision farming

Perfect harvest

A package of tomatoes

Packaged produce

Fully grown tomato plants in a smart farm greenhouse

Greenhouses are equipped with mirco sensors which gather real time data on the condition of plants and the environment. This data is used to control irrigation and climate systems within the greenhouse, mainting the perfect conditions for plant growth.

One key benefit to this is that the irrigation system activates exactly when plants need water, reducing use by 40% compared conventional greenhouses.

Plants are grown pesticide free with just the right mix of nutrients, so customers can enjoy the tastiest and healthiest produce. In tomatoes this has achieved a consistent sweetness rating of 13 BRIX

Telofarm is building a distributed agriculture network for tomatoes.

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