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Plants have been speaking, now we can listen.

Telofarm covers a wide range of crop industries. Our award winning microsensing and data processing technology can be installed at scale in limited space to provide affordable fine monitoring of plant health.

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Receiving the Innovation in Agriculture Award from MoCCaE in the UAE

Telofarm CEO receives the Innovation in Agriculture Award from MoCCaE

Telofarm optimizes the relationship between people and plants to save our threatened resources and feed our growing world.

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Sap flow icon    Sap flow sensing

Soil moisture icon    Soil analysis

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Radar field moisture icon    Radar field moisture

Rows of young tomato plants in a greenhouse

Telofarm develops technology that allows humans to listen to plants in real-time, this saves resources, increases yields, and helps ensure healthy crops for all.

Growers icon    Growers

We conserve resources, increase yields, save money, and optimize processes to make growers more profitable as the foundation in feeding our world.

Agriculture industry icon    Agriculture Industry

We gather inputs from nature and growers to provide unique data which can transform the entire food chain for the better.

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We introduce students to the joys of agriculture while demonstrating sustainability, environmental stewardship, and a focus on feeding the world.

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