About Us

Telofarm was founded on the principles of combining never before collected data with next generation technology. Inspired by a desire to revolutionise the AgTech industry and unlock the promising new field of intelligent farming, we will pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for agriculture on a global scale.

Focusing on advanced semiconductor sensing, intelligent software algorithms and distributed agriculture platforms, we strive to provide farmers with powerful tools to save precious resources.

Our extensive research and development, conducted with leading engineers Seoul National University led by Professor Junghoon Lee, has allowed us to tap into a goldmine of agricultural data and bring cutting-edge solutions to the industry.

Our Mission

Empowering agriculture for a sustainable planet.


We strive to build a deep and complete understanding of the soil, plant, atmosphere continuum (SPAC) through data modelling. We believe that such knowledge is crucial to driving innovation in agriculture.

Smart Sustainability

We are dedicated to achieving sustainable agriculture through technology. In reaching this aim, collaboration is key to leveraging collective capabilities. We are passionate about saving the planet for future generations.

Cost Effective Solutions

Driven by our commitment to cost-effectiveness and accessibility, our goal is to empower operations of all scales to increase efficiency and conserve resources through practical and customised solutions.

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