A block of hop plants arranged in rows
Product Overview

Next Generation Agtech

Our easy to use, turnkey services can unlock a multitude of benefits by closing data loops in your operation.

Sap Flow Sensors

Scalable IoT sensor networks gather real time data directly from plants, soil and weather conditions.

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Soil Moisture Sensors

Algorithms model data to provide actionable insights and automate farm management processes.

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Monitoring Software

Telofarm helps to increase farm efficiency whilst conserving the earth’s threatened resources.

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System Architecture

Telofarm’s turnkey services for advanced farm management seamlessly integrate biological signals with sensor networks, data communication and analysis.


Sap Flow Sensors
Soil Moisture Sensors
Weather Stations


Module Network
Wireless LoRa Gateway
Long Distance

IoT Platform

Secure data storage
Services integration
Global connectivity


Monitoring and reporting
Plant growth analysis
Automated control

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